Our Youth

Jr. High student programs and information on Confirmation as well as information on Steubenville

Youth in grades 7-9 MEET ON TUESDAY NIGHTS IN THE HALL AT 7PM! *REGISTRATIONS can be completed at the door.This week we will be talking about St Thomas Aquinas and a few other saints who had a particular devotion to the Jesus in the Eucharist!   Feel free to bring a friend!


If you are in grade 9-12 please consider checking this out! Not for the faint of heart, we will be taking some hot topics and bringing them under the Light of Christ’s teachings and the Word of God. We have tough questions and God has some amazing answers.  We use programs from YDISCIPLE and Formed.org.

**If you are a young adult who is engaged in your faith and would like to help out, please give Heather a call!

Steubenville is presenting the annual STEUBENVILLE LAUNCH PARTY on October 27 at 7pm at Seton Acedimic Center at MSVU.

Everyone, youth and families are invited for this awesome event with quest speaker Katie Prejean McGrady, a great band for Praise and Worship.

Heather Orlando: youth16@bellaliant.com or 902-423-3057

Children's Play Group ~ Thursday mornings

Thursdays 10:15am-11:45am in the parish hall.
Baby to pre-school age. Please bring a snack to share if you are able. Email barbarabrysonwheeler@gmail.com to get your name added to the email list for the playgroup. Drop by anytime with your little ones. Open to everyone in the community – parents, grandparents, carers.