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Children's Catechetics

Maria McDonald - Director of Family faith Formation
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Welcome and Overview of the Family Formation Program

I would like to take this opportunity to Welcome you to the St. Thomas Aquinas/Canadian Martyrs Catechetical Program.

Parents are vital to the success of catechesis in our parish program. Pope John Paul II said, “Education in the Faith by parents, which should begin from the children’s most tender age, is already being given when the members of a family help each other to grow in faith through the witness of their Christian life….Cat. tradendae no.68)

Here are some points to aid you in imparting and reinforcing the Faith in your children.
The Faith atmosphere in Catholic homes can be fostered when parents make faith important. This begins with them when they try to grow in appreciation for the gift of faith. They grow in the gift of faith by meditating on some of its many aspects.
Faith can be thought of in the following ways: As a supernatural gift of God, as a theological virtue, as divinely inspired truths, as belief, as attitude, and most importantly as witness. You can help your children by attending Sunday Mass together, reception of the sacraments, praying together, the family rosary and telling them about lives of the saints.

That being said, here is an overview of the program we use at our parish: the Family Formation Program consists of two parts: the first of four monthly lessons is taught at church(see schedule for year) and the other three are taken home and taught by the parents. The children meet in grade-level classrooms and are taught the heart of the day’s lessons in a fun and dynamic way, by trained volunteer catechists. At the same time, parents meet together to listen to a teaching on the same topic taught to the students. The parents will then be given a booklet of home lessons to be taught in the home for the next three weeks. Parents will also receive hints on how to teach the monthly lessons they will be taking home.

Please do not drop off children – children in grades one through 3 should be brought to class and picked up at their class by a parent.

It is very important that your children are in attendance. If for some reason you foresee that they will be missing various classes, I encourage you to home school your children so that their faith education is consistent. When possible please contact the teacher or myself to let us know of their absence.

Thank you so much for your cooperation and I look forward to getting to know you and your child/ren this coming year. May God Bless you.

Maria McDonald
Director of Family Faith Formation

For more information on catechetics, e-mail Maria McDonald.