Parish Life and Operations

Pastoral Council

The Pastoral Council discerns the mission of the parish and works with the parish priest as a consultive body. Through Pastoral planning, the council reflects on ways in which the parish membership is being called by God to carry out that mission and

Contact: Bill Mahody 422-0132 or

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is a diverse group of individuals dedicated to ensuring the parish is on solid footing and can be responsible for fulfilling its mission. The Committee is charged with keeping the operations efficient and cost-effective, and allowing donors’ generosity to be directed to support charities and missions in a significant way. Meetings are monthly and the normal term of appointment is three years.

Contact: Richard Withington 492-0656 or [email protected]

Building Committee

The Building Committee's goal is to provide a safe and comfortable environment for all parishioners to worship as well as participate in the church's many liturgical and social activities. The STACM Building Committee is concerned with the development and maintenance of the parish's physical buildings. The work involves creating ideas, visioning and planning for the parish properties which include: St. Thomas Aquinas church; Canadian Martyrs Church; the two church halls (includes the parish office); the Glebe and garage. One of these buildings is just under 100 years in age and all require constant monitoring to ensure that deterioration is kept under control. The committee meets about 6 times a year and works closely with the pastor and parish administrator to make recommendations for the work that needs to be provided for in the overall parish budget. Committee members are volunteers with an interest in the parish's physical plant and are willing to donate their time, talent and energy to maintaining it.

Contact: Harold Beals 425-2147 or

Stewardship Team

The Stewardship Team is responsible for promoting and fostering stewardship as a way of life and to provide information and inspiration to parishioners about stewardship opportunities at STACM. Tasks include organizing ministry fairs and annual commitment weekends, producing the ministry booklet, and initiating new parish projects and events that promote stewardship. Excellent opportunities for the communications specialists in the parish. Meetings are monthly.

Contact: Anne Marie Sime 429-5145 or

Skilled Trades

Do you have the know-how and willingness to provide assistance on various projects within the parish? These may include the ability to complete small repairs, carpentry, painting, electrical work, plumbing, computer skills, creative skills, communications specialists, etc. If you wish to share your time and talent with the parish, please let us know.

Contact: David O’Connor 423-3057 or

Gardening Ministry

These individuals help maintain the church gardens. Volunteers can donate gardening materials or provide assistance with weeding, watering, planting and pruning on the church grounds, as required.

Contact: (CM) Edith Tulle 422-1756 or (STA) Frances Jamieson 423-4092 or

Collection Counters

Two different groups looks after processing the collections in this important ministry.

Contact: Parish Office 423-3057 or

Sunday Coffee Socials

Sunday Coffee Socials provide an opportunity for social gathering following Mass on Sunday mornings for all age groups. Volunteer time includes 30-40 minute setup time and about one hour after Mass to serve and clean up. Can be done alone but partnership is preferable. At CM, with the current number of volunteers, the obligation is approximately 4 - 6 times per year.

Contact: (CM) Nancy Bliss 422-0856 or (STA) Maria Lucia 445-3721 or

Family Rosary and Potluck Suppers

Family Rosary and Potluck Suppers are held monthly. Bring some food and some beads, and you’re all set. Or you can even use your fingers (to pray the rosary, not to eat!). If you’re not familiar with the rosary, you can learn to pray it with our handy cheat sheet courtesy of

Contact: Maria McDonald @423-3057 or

Over 50 Club

Enjoy a game of cards with your fellow parishioners every Monday afternoon at the Canadian Martyrs location (except July & August).

Contact: Marie Walsh 423-0977

Social Cards Club

The Social Cards Club currently meets once a week to play bridge. This fun group meets every Thursday at 1 pm at the Canadian Martyrs site. This ministry has been going on for almost four years, and runs from Sept. to June. For the most part, people “drop in” and there are usually enough people for three to four tables. Everyone is welcome.

Contact: Parish Office 423-3057 or

Parish Office Support

Activities usually occur during normal business hours and include: preparing and assembling mailings, bulletin folding and stuffing, backup receptionist (answering the telephone and greeting visitors to the parish), and other tasks as the need arises. Training provided, depending on the task.

Contact: Parish Secretary 423-3057 or

H.O.T. Coffee (Coffee House)

Helping Others Together. Coffee, community and snacks. Family entertainment. Held quarterly on Saturday nights, 8:00 pm, at the STA Hall on Cornwall St. Featuring local talent (music, comedy, etc.) with a minimum suggested $10 donation at the door. Proceeds shared by the entertainers and a chosen ministry to the poor. We especially need people whose area of expertise is promotion/publicity/graphic design and those qualified to run the soundboard. Also, we need people to help distribute posters and flyers, provide food, handle money, set up and take down.

Contact: Judy Savoy 431-7217 or

Women’s and Men’s Golf Tournaments

Women’s and men’s golf tournaments are held in June and September, respectively. Please come and join fellow parishioners for a round or help out with the organization.

Contact: Mary Murchland 422-5061 or Roger Wheeler 492-2503 or

Parish Life

TThe Parish Life Ministry creates opportunities for parishioners to come together to serve their fellow parishioners at Sunday coffee socials and receptions. Receptions are scheduled for special occasions while the coffee social takes place at both STA and CM following the Sunday morning masses. Volunteers are asked to commit to the Sunday Coffee Social six times a year. The Parish Life Team welcomes volunteers to assist with receptions and parish events as required. duties include kitchen and hall set up, serving and cleaning up following each event.

Contact: Cindy Dimmer 830-8186 or

Nancy Bliss 422-0856 or

STACM Parish Education Award Committee

The St. Thomas Aquinas Canadian Martyrs Parish Education Award was created to financially support worthy high school students as they advance to programs of study at the post-secondary level. The award recognizes student members of the parish that have excelled in service to the parish, service to the community and academic achievement at the high school level. The STACM Parish Education Award Committee meets approximately twice per school year and is responsible for reviewing the application process, maintaining the budget and exploring funding options, and selecting the recipients of the awards.

Contact: Kathleen Bekkers 425-8994 or