Social Justice and Charity

St. Vincent de Paul Society

The St. Vincent de Paul Society serves the poor and needy within our parish boundary. To date this has included: students, seniors, people suffering from mental frailities and physical disabilities, and the working poor or people on disability. Volunteers serve when called by our hotline. Meetings are at least quarterly.

Contact: Brian Church 423-8121 or

Social Action Committee

The Social Action Committee takes action to help improve situations of need in the local community as well as in developing countries. Currently, the committee is involved in a variety of activities that include: Hand in Hand, Sharing Fair, St. Andrew’s Church dinner, Saturday Breakfast Program at Brunswick St. Mission, and Christmas at Abbie Lane.

Contact: Joyce Giacomantonio 423-3289 or

Refugee Sponsorship Program

The private sponsorship of refugees is a partnership program administered by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) and the people of Canada to extend Canada’s capacity to resettle refugees from abroad. As the sponsoring group, STACM Parish agrees to work beside the refugees to ensure that they have the necessary support to integrate into life in Canada. This includes food, clothing, transportation, as well as settlement assistance and support for one year following the date of arrival in Canada.

Contact: André McConnell 477-8518 or

Hope Cottage

Hope Cottage is a charitable organization whose mission is to provide meals to those who cannot afford to obtain these meals themselves. Approximately every 8 weeks, volunteers prepare a hot meal at home (recipe provided), and volunteers pick up, deliver, and serve the food at Hope Cottage. Always on Wednesdays from 3:30 - 6 pm.

Contact: Cathy Levangie 456-2224 or

Development and Peace

Development and Peace, the official international development agency of the Catholic Church in Canada was founded by the Bishops of Canada in 1967. Its purpose is to educate Canadians about root causes of injustice and to develop partnerships with communities in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Promotional activities include “Fall Action” and “Share Lent” with workshops, displays, dVds, bulletin inserts, and brief talks.

Contact: Sharon Beals 425-2147 or

Nicaragua Committee

The Nicaragua Committee supports Pathway to Progress, the work in Nicaragua of Ed and Barb dunsworth, former parishioners, in collaboration with Hand in Hand Ministries. Since 2007, three groups of parishioners have travelled to Nicaragua on a STACM Immersion Trip to encounter the people and the culture, as well as to roll up their sleeves and help make a difference. Pathway to Progress, runs a variety of initiatives, such as refurbishing school buildings, constructing homes and working and playing with the students, to better the lives of some of the people in our hemisphere. Future trips are planned and donations are always welcome. Pathway to Progress Nicaragua is dedicated to preparing children living in poverty for success in life by sending them to high-level private schools in the city of Managua. They believe that when given access from an early age to the same resources and opportunities as their more affluent peers, they can and will achieve at the highest levels and have a good chance at beating the generational poverty they’ve been born into. They work with the children, their families and teachers to ensure they stay on track and get the support they need to succeed academically, emotionally and socially through grade school and, hopefully one day, into university.

Contact: Brenda Rowe 429-7334 or

Weekly Food Collections

Weekly food collections are taken up at all weekend Masses. Food items are donated to the Food Bank.

Contact: (CM) Jim Trainor 455-5970 or (STA) Cullen Delory 422-2114 or

Prolife Ministry

The Prolife Ministry strives to uphold the sanctity of life from conception to natural death. We seek to accomplish this goal by promoting awareness of life issues within the parish as well as through prayer and charitable endeavors (such as supporting women in crisis pregnancy). Meetings will be scheduled periodically, in accordance with the schedules of ministry members.

Paul Mullen 471-5442 or [email protected]

Justice and Charity Coordination Committee

The Justice and Charity Coordination Committee meets four times a year to coordinate parish activities and oversee scheduling and communications in this area.

Contact: Joyce Giacomantonio 423-3289 or

Pastoral Care Group

The Pastoral Care Group came about as a pilot project of the Roman Catholic chaplaincy at Capital Health. Seven parishioners were trained by Capital Health to provide RC basedpastoral care within our parish. The group meets monthly and each member visits persons who are ill, housebound, grieving, lonely etc. Anyone in need has this ministry open to them. Parishioners are encouraged to refer people they know who may benefit from a phone call or visit from someone on the team.

Contact: deacon Paul Carnell 423-3057 or