Liturgy and Worship

Liturgy Committee

The Liturgy Committee helps the Pastor in the planning and coordination of liturgical ministries and celebrations including weekday and weekend Masses and all major seasonal liturgical events. Meetings are held 4 - 6 times a year.

Contact: Marie Salah 422-7797 or [email protected]

Altar Society

TThe Altar Society prepares the altar and sanctuary for liturgical celebrations. Tasks include: linen care, weekly flower arrangements, maintaining the holy water fonts, dusting, organizing the pews, cleaning vessels, etc. The preparation of the church for special liturgical celebrations is also undertaken by the Altar Society in conjunction with the sacristan. Training provided.

(CM) Yvonne Bennett 422-8338 or [email protected]

(STA) Fidelia McCarson 425-5589 or

Lectors (Ministry of the Word)

TThe lectors proclaim the first and second readings at weekly Masses and also read the prayers of the faithful and any pertinent announcements. Lectors must be parish members, have a clear voice, good diction, and appropriate tone and inflection. These ministers may read once every six to eight weeks according to a posted schedule. Christmas, Holy Week, Easter and parish missions are scheduled on a seasonal basis. Some lectors give extra time to read at weekday liturgies. These are not scheduled.

Cathleen Niedermayer 423-6827 or
Life Teen Mass: Brad MacKinnon 423-3057 or


TThe Sacristans arrange the physical setting for liturgical celebrations, specifically, opening the church, and ensuring that the vessels, candles, altar linens, etc. are in their places, and monitoring the supplies of consumables; host, wine, candles. Scheduled on a rotational basis and also for weddings, funerals, and other liturgies as required.

(CM)Margaret Foster 425-5835 or
(STA) Teresa Doyle 423-3990 or
Life Teen Mass: Brad MacKinnon 423-3057 or

Altar Servers

Altar servers, both youth and adult, assist the priests and deacon at Mass. Positions include cross bearer, candle bearer, assisting with incense, setting the altar and assisting during Sunday Eucharist, funerals and special events..

Robert Bekkers 425-8994 or [email protected]

Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist

Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist assist the priest with the distribution of the Holy Eucharist during Mass and other liturgical celebrations. Training provided.

(CM) Margaret Foster 425-5835 or
(Life Teen) Brad MacKinnon 423-3057 or

Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist for the Sick and Shut-ins

This is a very rewarding ministry as the sick and shut-ins are so grateful for the effort
made to bring them the Eucharist and spend time with them. The commitment by
volunteers is to visit two or three people approximately once a month.

Lou Beaubien 429-5854 or

Ministers of Hospitality/Ushers

Ministers of Hospitality/ushers assist parishioners in finding a place to sit for weekly parish Masses and special celebrations. They help find individuals or families to bring up the gifts of wine and bread during the offertory; help take up collection; assist individuals in distress as necessary; greet and welcome parishioners as they come and go.

(CM) Jim Trainor 455-5970 or
(STA) Cullen Delory 422-2114 or
(Life Teen) Brad MacKinnon 423-3057 or

Music Ministry

Music Ministry participants lead the congregation in prayer and worship at the Sunday liturgies, seasonal celebrations and special liturgical occasions. Opportunities include: the Parish Choir, LifeTeen Band, Tongi Consort, Children’s Choir (7yrs & up), seasonal choirs and the CCO Band. Time & commitments varies with each choir; anywhere from 4 hours per month to 5-6 hours per week.

Contact: Heather Jansma 423-3057 or

Audio Visual Ministry

Slide Operation − assist in the set up and operation of the computer at the weekly Masses. Simple and quick training is required and provided. Time commitment is rotational and usually one Sunday per month.

Slide Preparation − a brand new Ministry!! - Help prepare the slide presentation program for the weekly Masses. using the parish laptop and its presentation program, type hymns, lyrics and prayers onto the slides. If time and skill allows, minor graphic design in developing the Mass theme slides can be done. Simple and quick training is required and provided. Time commitment would be weekly or bi-weekly/monthly if numbers of volunteers permit.

Sound/ Technician-Mixing − Primarily at the STA location Masses. Assist in setting up thesound equipment and the operation of the soundboard for the Masses. Some extensive training is required and provided. Practice of mixing skills is necessary.
Contact: Heather Jansma 423-3057 or