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Family Faith Formation Program Levels P – 6

To integrate a deep rooted faith into family life through a dynamic (Family Formation Program FFP); to engage and support the parents as the primary teachers of the faith and give them the tools needed to do so.  FFP is a program designed to assist families in learning the Catholic Faith within the format of home lessons assisted by our pastor, parish staff and parishioners.

FFP consists of two parts: 

  • The first of four monthly lessons is taught at church and the other three are taken home and taught by parents.  The children meet in grade-level classrooms and are taught the heart of the day’s lesson in a fun dynamic way, by trained volunteer catechists.  At the same time, parents meet together to listen to a teaching on the same topic taught to the students.  They also receive hints on how to teach the monthly lessons they will be taking home.
  • A booklet on weekly home lessons is provided for the sacraments of Reconciliation and Holy Communion from which the parents work with their child in a time of preparation.

Please note that First Year (Level One ) is needed before children receive their Sacraments in level two.  

Registration Fees:

  • $60.00 for grades P – 6,
  • $60.00 for grades 7 – 9;
  • $90.00 for 2 or more children
  • Additional Books:

    • Level 1: Joy, Joy the Mass $8.00
    • Level 2: Books for First Reconciliation and First Communion: $16.

Please complete and submit the following registration information for grades P to 9.


Please complete and submit the following Registration Information for Primary to Grade 9 students:

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